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Fans Lash Out At Alicia Keys After She Gave Diamond Platnumz 20 Seconds In Their Feature Forcing Swizz Beatz To Defend Her

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Alicia Keys is riding high on her self titled album that is already taken the number one spot in more than 20 countries since it came out but not without drama around it!

The star had previously announced the names of other stars that she had featured in her album! Among them was the name of an East African artiste Diamond Platnumz.

Now according to our sources, Diamond Platnumz has a massive following in his country and his fans are somewhat fanatics when it comes to him.

Now once they received the news that their own super star was getting a chance to appear on Alicia’s album, we are told the excitement was overboard!

Then came the day and the album came out and to their despair, Diamond had only featured a mere 20 seconds in the outro of the so-called feature that he had worked on with Alicia.

This caused them great pain and they started lashing out at Alicia Keys for “wasting” the talents of their star.

The attacks were so bad they saw Alicia Keys husband Swizz Beatz coming out to defend Alicia and revealing that they had given Diamond the leverage to decide what to do in their song and that is as much as he decided to do and so they were at no fault!

He even went as far as to ask Diamond Platnumz on his Instagram page to help explain to his fans what had transpired in the hope of saving the song ratings which by now was getting massive negative energy on all platforms.

While Diamond Platnumz has not responded to the entire controversy. Alicia has continued ignoring the negativity around it and maintaining her silence.

Now Swizz Beatz also offered an explanation that this was just a start to their collaborative efforts and that much more was coming calling Diamond his brother for life.

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