Felicity Huffman Is Married To William H. Macy And They Have Two Daughters

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Felicity Huffman has pleaded guilty to bribery and fraud in the college admissions scandal and is facing sentencing that could see her spend as much as 20 years or a matter of months behind bars.

Felicity is married to William Hall Macy Jr. who is an American actor. His film career has been built on appearances in small, independent films, though he has also appeared in summer action films.

Macy has described himself as “sort of a Middle American, WASPy, Lutheran kind of guy… Everyman”.

Macy has won two Emmy Awards and four Screen Actors Guild Awards, as well as an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor for Fargo. Since 2011, he has played Frank Gallagher, a main character in the Showtime adaptation of the British television series Shameless. Macy and actress Felicity Huffman have been married since 1997.

Macy was born in Miami, Florida, and grew up in Georgia and Maryland. His father, William Hall Macy, Sr. (1922-2007), was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and an Air Medal for flying a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber in World War II; he later ran a construction company in Atlanta, Georgia, and worked for Dun & Bradstreet before taking over a Cumberland, Maryland-based insurance agency when Macy was nine years old.

His mother, Lois (née Overstreet; 1920-2001), was a war widow who met Macy’s father after her first husband died in 1943; Macy has described her as a “Southern belle”.

Macy graduated from Allegany High School in Cumberland, Maryland in 1968, and went on to Bethany College in West Virginia where he studied veterinary medicine.

A ‘wretched student’ by his own admission, he transferred to Goddard College in rural Vermont, where he studied under playwright David Mamet. He studied theatre at HB Studio in New York City.

Macy and actress Felicity Huffman dated on-and-off for 15 years[20] and married on September 6, 1997. They have two daughters, Sophia Grace and Georgia Grace.

Macy and Huffman appeared at a rally for John Kerry in 2004. Macy plays the ukulele and is an avid woodturner. He has appeared on the cover of Fine Woodworking and was featured in an article in the April 2015 issue of American Woodturner (American Association of Woodturners). He is a national ambassador for the United Cerebral Palsy Association.

Since shooting the film Wild Hogs, Macy has picked up a strong interest in riding motorcycles.

In March 2019, it was reported that Macy’s wife Felicity Huffman had agreed to a plan to have a college admissions testing center administrator secretly change their daughter’s answers on a test to improve her chances of getting into college.

Huffman was indicted on fraud and conspiracy charges as part of a wider federal investigation of college admissions bribery. Macy was not charged, but authorities did not say why.

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