December 7, 2021

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Fetty Wap Released From Jail On $500,000 Bail After ‘Drugs Ring’ Bust

RAPPER Fetty Wap was released from jail after posting $500,000 bail after being arrested on suspicion of being a member of a multi-million dollar drug trafficking ring.

The rapper, whose real name is William Junior Maxwell II, appeared in federal court in Central Islip on Friday and was granted bail after paying the six-figure sum and agreeing to an electronic monitoring system, among other conditions.

According to, Wap is one of a half-dozen suspected heroin and fentanyl pushers, including 23-year-old New Jersey correctional officer Anthony Cyntje, who were apprehended and charged by the feds last month with conspiring to distribute and possess controlled substances.

On October 28, he was arrested by the FBI before taking the stage at the Rolling Loud concert at Citi Field stadium in Queens, New York City.

According to the federal indictment obtained by The Sun, the alleged drug operation transported more than 100 kilogrammes of cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl across Long Island and New Jersey from June 2019 to June 2020.

According to court documents, the FBI seized $1.5 million in cash, 16 kilogrammes of cocaine, two kilogrammes of heroin, “numerous” fentanyl pills, two 9mm handguns, a rifle, a.45 calibre pistol, a.40 calibre pistol, and ammunition.

The multi-platinum artist has entered a not-guilty plea.

According to the indictment, Wap’s alleged co-defendants include Anthony Leonardi, Brian Sullivan, and Kavaughn L. Wiggins.

“The drug pipeline in this investigation ran thousands of miles from the West Coast to the communities here in our area, contributing to the addiction and overdose epidemic we have seen time and time again tear people’s lives apart,” FBI Assistant Director Michael Driscoll said.

“The arrest of a chart-topping rap artist and a corrections officer as part of the conspiracy demonstrates just how vile the drug trade has become,” he said.

Fetty Wap allegedly moonlighted as a “kilogram-level redistributor,” while corrections officer Cyntje allegedly handled logistics, transporting the ring’s product from Long Island, New York to New Jersey.

Prosecutors claimed that Robert and Anthony Leonardi, Sullivan, and Wiggins received the drugs from a West Coast connection and shipped them to Long Island via the US Postal Service and drivers who hid the drugs in hidden compartments.

Wap’s arrest comes just months after his daughter Lauren died of a heart defect and his brother was killed in a shooting.

Lauren, four years old, died on June 24 as a result of a fatal cardiac arrhythmia. In a video, the rapper asked fans to post butterflies in her honour because she “loved” them.

Four months later, the rapper revealed the death of his brother, Twyshon Depew.

“I love you lil bro my twin… I failed you bro I’m sorry,” Fetty wrote on Instagram.

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