January 27, 2022

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Frank Ocean Launches Luxury Brand Homer With Jewelry Collection

Frank Ocean is the most recent star to dabble with fashion.

The 33-year-old singer of “Blonde” announced the debut of his “independent American luxury brand,” Homer, on Friday.

What’s first from his new firm? According to GQ, the collection includes diamond-encrusted bracelets, cartoonish enamel pendants in a variety of shapes and sizes, multicoloured silk scarves, and gold rings carved into the word “OK.”

Prices range from $435 for a pendant to $1.9 million for a “sphere legs high jewellery necklace,” according to the source.

The notoriously enigmatic jack of all crafts, who has previously made footwear, furniture, zines, and more, has only shared a brief sequence of cryptic pictures on his Instagram account.

There’s also a blank Instagram feed for the firm, as well as a virtual catalogue of the designs on homer.com.

“Hands down, this project has kept my head and imagination churning throughout the whole process. My whole professional life is now devoted to my family. Everything,” Ocean said on his Instagram Story, seemingly alluding to his 18-year-old brother’s sad death last year.

“I want to build something that will last. Set things in stone that are difficult to destroy.”

The company’s name, according to a news release, “represents carving history into stone,” and the designs were inspired by “childhood obsessions” and “legacy as a fantasy.”

Ocean is said to have worked on the brand for three years, developing the items in New York and hand-making them in Italy with diamonds produced in the firm’s own domestic laboratory.

The Jewelry Exchange in NYC’s Lower East Side is slated to establish a Homer store, which will be the line’s exclusive place of sale (at least for the time being).


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