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FULL VIDEO: A Shocking Shooting Happened At Dababy Video Shoot & Then He Went To Carolina Nightmare House Like Nothing Happened

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Rapper Dababy had a video shoot at the hood today and everybody was invited!

There was all his homies present, cars racing on the streets and his own crew also was showing guns on camera as you will see in the video below.

Dababy who had been accompanied by his own son at the video shoot, was chilling and having the best of his time while making music when the worst happened.

A drive by happened with some goons offloading entire clips on the video shoot which had scenes of people scampering for safety like they were in some Hollywood high priced action movie.

We reached out to Dababy’s team and they could not independently confirm how many people were hurt in the shooting but clarified that they know some people were injured.

The video shoot was postponed, and everybody left!

Dababy would then visit Carolina’s nightmare house to terrify himself more with the happenings in the horror house.

Check out the video below and let us know what you make of the entire drama and who do you think wants Dababy gone opening fire at him and his people like that!

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