FULL VIDEO: Fabolous Denies Splitting Up With Emily B Says He Wants To Be With That Woman

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Rapper Fabolous has cried fowl at reports that he split up with Emily B and says the story was set up for someone he has no idea who it is to gain what God knows!

He says he feels like people are setting up a narrative around his family and his relationship with Emily B and he is coming out in front of the story to kill it before it even gets any kind of legs.

The rapper took to Instagram to deny every allegation levelled against him that he had been caught by paparazzi having dinner with a mystery lady as he quickly moved on from Emily B.

Fabolous lashed out at TMZ and said he was going to put his lawyers at work to see if he could sue them for defamation as they had tried to ruin his life especially at this time when he is working hard to try and get back in the good books of Emily B.

The couple had fallen out previously after Fabolous in a fete of anger last year pulled a gun on Emily B and her family and threatened them on camera. The rapper however apologised to her and they worked around the scandal and eventually charges levelled against the rapper were dropped.

Now he says while he has worked so hard to get back with Emily B, it looks like there are some people who do not want to see that happen and they are the ones working in co-hoot with TMZ to brung him down.

The rapper says he is fighting for the love of his life noting that he has been with Emily B for the last 20 years and now wonders is when people want to bring up a bogus story to drive a wedge between them?

Watch the video below for Fabolous to tell you the rest of the story himself after Maybach lays out the foundation for you.

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