G Herbo Scoffs At A Research Noting That Chicago Is One Of The Most Unified Cities In USA

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Looks like G Herbo actually keeps tabs with the happenings of the world especially on the news front!

But the rap star was shocked to read that Chicago City was one of the most unified city in America. He could not believe his eyes or what he was reading and decided spark a debate around the topic.

G Herbo took to IG to explain how that researcher was lying and said that all they do in Chicago is hate on each other! He even asked who was being referred to and broke it down noting that the gangs didn’t support each other, the scrippers, the strappers, the rappers; nobody sticks together in Chicago according to G Herbo.

Now I am no authority to speak on this so I cannot say whether Chicago is unified or not but it is obvious there have been real issues in Chicago and everyone can see them!

I mean what do you think of this? Let us know on the comments down below and if you are from Chicago as we do know some of our fans are from Chicago; what’s up in your city? You unified now or nah!

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