GENIUS: Nipsey Hussle Already Clapped Back At Kodak Black And The Likes Of Him Before He Died

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When someone dies, it is upto those who are still alive to defend the honour of such men but it seems other men are greater than others and Nipsey must be on that class because he did not leave his fight to anyone, he already fought for himself.

The rap star was murdered on the streets by a senseless killer only filled with hate for his success and beyond that, now trolls are taking the internet to try and turnish his name and poke jokes on his life and his family.

Rappers who were close to the rapper are doing an amazing job defending his legacy led by the likes of T.I., the Game, Bg Knocc out but Nipsey is not quiet and his voice is still speaking.

You can add genius to the many feathers on Nipsey Hussle’s cap because the rapper undoubtedly already clapped at Kodak Black and the likes of him long before he passed.

The rap star had appeared for an interview on Big Boi where he addressed many issues and among them was the fact that nobody should listen to clowns and what they have to say.

He added the public should not even be bothered by their antics. Just give them timeout let them stay over there because whatever connery they are on will crumble anyway.

Now tell me that is not genius from Nipsey Hussle the great?

The rapper went on to explain that the real ones when they speak it matters and that is the only lot to listen to.

Check out the interview below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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