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Get To Know Liz Cambage In An Exclusive Interview With Her Fans


Liz Cambage is already back in training camp readying herself for the upcoming league season kicking off in May, but she found a moment to have a sit down with her fans for an exclusive interview.

The star who just went all the way to winning the last season and is the current reigning champion together with her team was so kind to put her gloves off and addressed all topics thrown at her by her fans.

She talked about her family; her mother is a CEO, she talked business and what she knows about business!

She went on to talk about her affiliation; is she straight or gay. She has interesting way of looking at things! In an insight, she wants no man or woman she just wants to live! But then again, she says men don’t give her space to live!

It wasn’t long before somebody wanted to see her feet and so forth! You know the drill!

Cambage is quite the vibe! She talks the sizes of balls for basketball and the changes she wants to see in the court!

She goes on to talk about mental health among other topics!

Check out the video below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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