Girlfriend Walks Out On Her Boyfriend After He Goes Down On One Knee And Pops The Famous Question

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Man got left on his knee while trying to propose to his girlfriend.

It would appear as if they had been fighting over something and instead of apologising he decided to go for the big ask; “will you marry me” to cover for his transgressions!

Well the lady in question seems calm as the guy lays down his vision. He went on to declare his love for the girl only for things to start taking a turn for north when the girl did not respond to his diamond ring!

She proceeded to just stare at him for a moment before walking out and leaving him in that position of humility and vulnerability!

Many have reacted to the video with shock while others have noted that men who get told NO by their girlfriends clearly do not know how to read their ladies.

Let me know in the comments down below what you make of this video and what would you do if you ever got told NO?

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