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Gunna Gets A Tattoo Of Himself As A Cartoon To Remember The Success Of His ‘Wunna Album’

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Gunna wants to remember the success of his #1 album WUNNA forever. That’s why he got the animated version of himself from the album cover permanently inked onto his skin.

Taking a video of himself getting a tattoo on Instagram Stories, Gunna showed off the final result of his session. He ended up getting the WUNNA action figure etched onto his arm.

The cartoon version of himself on his body is less smiley than the one on the album cover, which has him showing off the pearly whites, but it’s still a pretty accurate representation of this era in his career.

When we spoke to Gunna for our latest digital cover story, he described the Wunna character as such:

“I feel like [Wunna] probably comes out in exotic times. I feel like Wunna would be a little more spontaneous [than Gunna is.] He’s a little funnier and amusing. I feel like that’s the type of energy I like to bring when I’m more on Wunna time.”

That wasn’t the only ink he got at the shop. Gunna also shared a video of himself getting something done on his back, however, he didn’t post the end result.

Considering the fact that WUNNA is one of the top-selling albums of the year, continuing to pull numbers each week on the charts, it makes sense that Gunna would want to remember this moment for the rest of his life.

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