Wed. Jan 20th, 2021
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Moneybagg Yo is the clout right now. You want attention just mention the rapper or go where he is at and I guarantee you will end up in news! But that aside, we reported the other day after a shooting incident happened at his birthday party and caught his girlfriend Ari Fletcher in the middle of it forcing her to duck for cover on video.

The rapper would then decide to change cities and go to Dallas for his after-party event but it seems trouble also followed him there too with the shooters opening fire at his event one more time!

And just like last time, sources close tell MM that Moneybagg Yo and the company managed to make their way out of the venue as this deadly shooting was carried out.

It was so bad that the employees of the club locked themselves inside of a safe room as they tried to avoid getting hit by stray bullets.

So this is what happened according to our little birdie; unidentified man took to the DJ booth where he grabbed the microphone as if to address those in attendance. But before he could open his mouth, shots rang off and attendees had to duck for cover.

A security officer at the club came under fire with gunshots being heard by those inside the club as well as those outside and everyone ducked hard for cover!

Once the shooting died down at the club, our sources say the gunfire moved to Galleria hotel next to the club!

Both Dallas Police and Sheriff’s deputies responded to an active shooter at that location. Police say a man was gunned down in the parking lot.

Police are working to determine how the two incidents are connected.

At 2:47 am Dallas police responded to the Westin Galleria Hotel located at 13340 Dallas Parkway. They found a man lying in the parking lot criticality wounded.

Dallas Fire-Rescue paramedics transported the victim to a local trauma center where he died shortly after arriving. Detectives are still reviewing the surveillance video as they work to determine a motive and suspect description.

Bullets shattered the front windows of the hotel as the valet took cover behind his stand. Casings were found scattered across the parking lot.

Police say a number of people connected to a large rap concert were staying at the hotel. That concert occurred at V Live Dallas located at N Stemmons Frwy and Empire Central.

So after the shooting at the club, it would appear the gunfire fight was taken over to the Galleria Hotel. It is not clear why the target was Moneybagg Yo’s event once more following a similar case happening at his birthday party as we reported before.

Moneybagg Yo was unbothered with the news and the reporting and when we reached out to him for a comment he rather chose to post his response on his Instagram page showing himself in a video with countless bills of dollars covering him from his torso to his head.

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