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Here Is How The Daughter Of Al Pacino Julie Pacino Looks Like Today

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Some children can’t help but imitate their parent’s lifestyle, as well as a career choice. And so is the case with Julie Pacino, daughter of well-known actor Al Pacino.

The oldest child of Al, Julie, has decided to follow the same path as her father did. Instead of being in the spotlight as an actress, however, she chose to be a film director instead.

As per her words, the younger Pacino has known that she wanted to be involved in the said area from an exceedingly early age. Since then, the older Pacino has given his all-out support to his beloved daughter.

Although she has been through some personal issues during her youth, Julie has been able to get herself back on track.

At present, she is part of a production company named Tiny Apples. Julie is the founder of said company.

It has since produced a series with the title Harmony in Gold. Amid Julie’s achievements and trials, certainly, her father will always have her back.

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