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Here Is How The Daughter Of Denzel Washington Olivia Washington Looks Like Today

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We’ve seen many Hollywood kids take after their mom’s or dad’s in the entertainment business.

However, Denzel Washington and his daughter Olivia somehow stand out above the rest. Olivia looks every bit like her father, down to her wide and toothy smile!

This is a lovely father-daughter pair, for sure!! Denzel Washington has two Oscar Awards to his name and his daughter has followed in his Hollywood footsteps.

Olivia made her film debut back in 2013 with the production called The Butler. She then gradually made her way up the ladder in the industry, using nothing but her own talent and skill.

Olivia is a wonderful actress and doesn’t rely on her father’s reputation to propel her in her career. She has also starred in Mr. Robot and in The Comedian.

We bet her dad has some great pointers for her when she is looking for advice, though!

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