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Here Is How The Daughter Of John Amos Shannon Looks Like Today

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John Amos captured our hearts with his portrayal of James Evans Sr. in the C.B.S. show, Good Times, and went on to earn an Emmy Award nomination for his role in the 1977 miniseries, Roots.

John also starred in other T.V. shows such as The District, The West Wing, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show and garnered a lot of appreciation from several quarters.

Aside from television, he has been a part of a host of films, including Dr. Dolittle 3, The World’s Greatest Athlete, Uncut Gems, as well as Die Hard 2, among others.

As a result, John’s savings have been sky-high, and he has never had to worry about any kind of financial hassles.

Shannon, his daughter, shares an uncanny resemblance to him. Her penchant for mediation and fitness has caught the imagination of many.

Shannon has taken the spiritual path, and taking up a career in acting doesn’t seem likely.

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