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Here Is How The Daughter Of Mr. Bean Lily Sastry Looks Like Today

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As if it was an unavoidable twist of fate, some children who have celebrities for parents also eventually follow the same life path which their mother or father took.

This statement is a fact with Lily Sastry and her father, Roman Atkinson, a famous actor who made his audience chortle with laughter via his brilliant portrayal of a comedic character.

His child, Lily, has also pursued a career in the industry her father excelled in.

At an incredibly early age, she was able to secure a role as a child actress in what could a mash-up between a feel-good and a Christmas film.

Not only that, but she has also landed various bit roles in her father’s movies. At a certain point, however, Lily decided to take a different path.

Instead of continuing to act, she started to take up a type of theatrical entertainment known as “cabaret.” Quoting her words, Lily has expressed her satisfaction with her choice.

She stated that performing in a particular entertainment genre has sharpened her physical mental and vocal capabilities.

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