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This first young man has decided to tattoo his entire face blue and more precisely the sea blue! He is only 26 years old and doesn’t care! His name is simply Donnie!

Perhaps more interesting is that he does the job himself! He inks every part of his body himself and by inking, I mean tattooing!

He is making progress in a remarkably interesting way and by also getting help for body parts he can’t reach! He also is taking it by steps by first doing these patches that you can’t understand and then will cover them later!

His motivation according to him is that he always felt isolated and rejected by society which then turned him into that guy! Covering himself in blue he says gave him an exit door to finding himself!

He also lives in a bus and he is also in the process of upgrading and repairing that too! Another project! The only limitation in life is you! Am getting that vibe with Donnie!

This is a project to follow and see how it completes in the end! Check out his IG page and follow the journey!

The second young person already with their body covered in tattoos is Nadine Anderson. She is a Scottish nurse, a mother and is doing this in honor of her dad.

Nadine is eager on covering every inch of her body and even her baby breastfeeds from a tattooed nipple!

It is not clear what level she is of her twenties, but I would give her mid-twenties!

Her father is covered in tattoos but not entirely, she has made it her mission to look like her dad so her journey began in tribute to her dad! Although she notes that her dad called her an assh*le for tattooing her face.

The third person calls themselves evil black out! There is not much available on this guy except he has blacked out his entire body and shockingly has an Onlyfans account and on top of that he carries on blacking himself out in an evil way with the black looking to take out his face as if in an bad horror Hollywood movie!

He also has his tongue split and tattooed black! And his black tattoos are like stripes of a whip! It’s surreal!

He is 25 years old and started this journey in 2017 so he has really rushed this to say the least! It’s crazy the amount of time he has taken to do this! Oh! And he has evil spelled out on his back to just galvanize his name!

Him and Nadine are tattooed by the same guy and his style is brutal black! Basically the idea is he starts working on you and doesn’t stop until you can’t take the pain no more! And there is no design work, it’s basically anything goes until you are covered in black!

The fourth of our coverage as we already did a whole article on him, you can find it here, is black alien! He is 33 years old, has been working on his project for the last 7 years.

In the 7 years as you will read in his article, he has tattooed his entire body in black, removed his ears, nose and is now totally ‘alienated!’

The fifth person who is young and has decided to ignore any consequences you might have in your mind and cover himself in tattoos is Ethan Bramble.

He claims to be the most modified human being on the planet! Am not sure he has met the black alien but let’s see;

He has removed his belly button, he has forked tongue, black tattooed eyes, sort of slit ears. So I guess to some extend yes! Don’t you recon?!

He is only 24 years old and so by doing all this, you can agree it puts him on a pedestal! It would appear to me that he is more of a body modification guy than a tattoo guy but you can’t also ignore the tattoos because he is coming with em!

Let me know on the comments down below. Would you or would you not and what other notable young people out there got mad ink on em I didn’t include on my list!

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