How The Hip Hop Community Reacted To The News Of Nipsey Hussle Murder

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Since he was gunned down earlier today, the hip hop community has been reacting to the sad news of the loss of one of the most promising future of our culture!

The rapper Nipsey Hussle, was shot and killed on Sunday in Los Angeles outside his Marathon shop.

– “This doesn’t make any sense! My spirit is shaken by this! Dear God may His spirit Rest In Peace and May You grant divine comfort to all his loved ones! … I’m so sorry this happened to you @nipseyhussle” – Rihanna, via Twitter.

– “Our hearts are with the loved ones of Nipsey Hussle and everyone touched by this awful tragedy. LA is hurt deeply each time a young life is lost to senseless gun violence. My Crisis Response Team is assisting the families coping with shock and grief.” LA Mayor Eric Garcetti on Twitter.

– “Words cannot express our sadness. Nipsey was not only one of the greatest artists we worked with but an amazing father & leader in his community. One of the kindest & brightest stars in the universe, he was inspiring to all. We will miss him, his music & everything he stood for.” – Atlantic Records, Hussle’s label, via Twitter.

– “Prayers out to the whole family, man. This … got to stop, man.” – Snoop Dogg in one of several Instagram videos he posted on Hussle.

– “Sad, mad and disappointed about my guy @Nipsey Hussle.” – Ice Cube, via Twitter.

– “Watching Nipsey inspired me to invest and own in our communities. He was a solid man who loved his woman, his family and his community. This hurts.” – actress-writer Issa Rae on Twitter.

– “This is so painful! @NipseyHussle was doing great work for the people. Keep his legacy alive by carrying on his work! Sending love to his family. Rest in Power King” – former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick on Twitter.

– “Thoughts and prayers go out to @NipseyHussle’s family and especially his children… hope they receive every ounce of strength and positivity the universe is sending them right now #RIPNipsey.” – New York Knicks player DeAndre Jordan via Twitter.

– “REST IN PEACE NIPSEY HUSSLE.” – rapper Vince Staples, via Twitter.

– “It’s dangerous to be an MC. Dangerous to be a b-ball player. It’s dangerous to have money. Dangerous To Be A Black Man … So much hatred. We live like our brothers and sisters in third world countries live. Right in America … Its so deep rooted. It’s not a easy fix. Hard to fix anything when kids are still living in poverty. I ain’t shutting up though, Nipsey is a True voice. He will never be silenced.” – rapper Nas on Instagram.

– “Nipsey you a legend. I respect and admire your career path and what you did for the neighborhood. My heart broke today when I saw the news. I’m praying for your loved ones. This was sposed to be the year we got one in. God had bigger plans for you.” – rapper J. Cole, via Twitter.

– “Thinking of all the positive things Nipsey Hussle brought to the community he loved so dearly.” – journalist and commentator Tamron Hall on Instagram.

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