Iggy Azalea is not going away with this drama around her life and her baby daddy!

These two had such a quiet life when they were dating I remember there being a question posed here in the office, that you mean they have no drama around them?!

Everybody laughed and moved on because they had actually managed to keep things well tacked! But that is no longer the situation!

Since announcing their break up, more drama has come out equal to the time they were dating and it’s like whao! The veil is off for real!

But anywhay what can we do other than keep you in the know! Although you still gotta give it to them! They were so good in staying private, it took themselves for their dirty linen to come out!

So as we have been reporting, Iggy has been exposing Playboi Carti and his side chick and it is coming out that through her that it was Playboi who leaked information she was pregnant after he panicked over getting another girl pregnant!

According to Iggy, while she was in Brazil last year and 5 months pregnant, Playboi was then f*cking another girl who he panicked after he did her raw and wanted her to take p2 because he started quipping he was having a boy with Iggy and didn’t want nobody ruining his life!

So Iggy who seems keen not to have a co-wife comes back home and says Playboi tried to blame her for leaking the information when he knew too well that it had come from his mouth to his side chick who then run to the blogs!

Iggy explains how that girl was friends with Brandi the girl Playboi is now f*cking! She says after the other girl was out of picture, Brandi came into the picture in February!

The who thing about this whole situation is that Iggy can’t stand Brandi saying she didn’t know she was in the picture when she started going out with Playboi so she is hell bend to prove she knew until she confirms it!

Check out the video below and let us know what you think on the comments down below!

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