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Iggy Azalea Share Photos Of Her Newborn Son For The First Time Since Breaking Up With Playboi Carti

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Rapper Iggy Azalea broke it up with her boyfriend and her baby daddy Playboi Carti after what she said was her loyalty being taken for granted!

The rapper would proceed to declare that she would rather stay alone than stay where she was being treated unfairly!

In addition, she wondered how liars lived with themselves and whether they did not feel some type of way afterwards!

Playboi Carti quickly confirmed the story and noted that he was free to which Iggy responded by posting vomiting emojis to his confirmation!

Anyhow the next day because they were doing all this at the middle of the night, she posted that she meant she was now single and raising her son alone!

Then Iggy posted the pictures of her son for the first time in what seemed to be to curb leaks before they happened and to grand her the honors of being the one who ultimately introduced him to the world!

It is not clear at this time what really transpired between the two but our little birdie notes that there had been issues between the two since the son arrived and allegations of mistrust, cheating and sidechicks lingered around the two heavily!

With Iggy feeling that Playboi was not giving her the right attention as she expected or compared to from before she gave birth!

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