Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

INSIDER: Kodak Black Goes Full Blown Super Saiyan With New Look

Rapper Kodak Black has to be the rapper who does the most!

The rap star was just released from jail as we reported he was arrested a few days ago while trying to get back into the country from Canada. The problem was, the police found guns and drugs in his tour bus and he ended up getting locked up!

A show he was supposed to show up for that night of the arrest ended up getting cancelled and left thousands of fans baying for his blood!

It later emerged he was locked up and a small clip showed him walking out of jail with his lawyer while covering his face with racks. However as if that whole drama never happened, Kodak Black has taken ahold of the narrative and changed it after revealing his new look!

The rapper went full blown Super Saiyan with his new hair style after he dyed his famous knots blonde! Check the video below and let us know in the debate where you think he fits better;

Lisa Simpson or Super Saiyan as the internet is currently going back and forth!

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