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Instagram Model Lord Gisselle Is Getting Dragged Online After Using The N-Word On Live & Then Ridiculously Defending Herself

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Instagram model Lord Gisselle is getting dragged online after she used the N-word on her live and then proceeded to make an equally ridiculous apology for it!

The model who is getting cancelled and the online verse taking an issue with her stance and labelling her a racist, has come out strongly to deny that she is racist!

But it is the argument that she built around her defense that is even more ridiculous than her entire career that you just have to stop for a moment and laugh!

According to her, she can say the N-word if it does not have the ‘ER’ at the end! Let that sink in for a second!

And so, she proceeds to in the video for defending herself use the N-word again while trying to explain the difference!

When will white people understand that they are not allowed to use this word? Whether you are close to black people by marriage, by family, or by whatever means you can ascend to the black culture with, you are and you will never be allowed to use the N-word!

The implications of that word and reasons around why you can’t use the N-word are well documented in history and anyone who chooses to use that word is basically ignoring history and it’s judgement must catch up with them.

So Lord Gisselle for whatever reason seems to have had a slick meeting in her head and lied to herself that she can get away with this as long as she changes the spellings of the word which is even more disrespectful.

Well, let us know what you think on the comments down below as you check out her videos explaining herself below.

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