December 7, 2021

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Internet Police Claim To Have Solved Young Dolph Murder Finding The Alleged Killer Who Took The Icon’s Life

Rapper M Teezzy is allegedly being accused of pulling the trigger as one of the killers of Young Dolph yesterday.

According to the internet police, the rapper did it in hopes of receiving the $100K bounty from Soulja Boy who had in earlier weeks placed the money on Adolph’s head!

According to the internet, M Teezzy fits the bill because he has the same cap as the killer was wearing and flaunts online the same guns as seen on the still images released by police!

Initially the internet implicated Soulja Boy to must have known what exactly happened to Young Dolph and indicated that the killer had replicated one of his viral looks he had posted earlier this year on his Instagram page.

Although Soulja Boy has not commented on these allegations of Young Dolph dying on his count, the rapper has had a lot to say in relation to him being temporarily dropped from Millennial line-up etc.

M Teezzy has however come out quickly to shutdown those rumours claiming that he had nothing to do with the killing of Dolph and that he thought of him highly therefore he couldn’t have been the one killing!

The rapper also clarified that he does not run errands for no one and Soulja Boy would have never send him anywhere let alone to kill somebody for him!

However the internet police is not convinced and on top of their findings also note that M Teezzy has a friend who drives a Mercedes Coupe that looks like the one that ferried the killers to the murder scene!

Check out the video of the rapper denying these allegations and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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  • Mteezy: Instagram
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