Internet Slams Jeff Bezos Over Reports He Has Acquired A $400 Million Yacht

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It’s no secret that Jeff Bezos is obscenely rich. With an estimated net worth of $131 billion, the 55-year-old Amazon founder holds the current title of wealthiest person in the world. And he’s obviously not shy about flaunting it.

Bezos has used his coin to buy everything from a $65 million jet to a $80 million NYC penthouse to a $42 million clock—yes, a clock. But his most offensively extravagant purchase? The Flying Fox mega yacht that’s reportedly worth $400 million.

According to A News, the 136-meter-long vessel was built by shipping company Lürssen in 2019. The luxury boat comes with a swimming pool, 11 cabins, a cinema, two helipads, and a two-deck spa that includes a gym, sauna, and massage area.

There’s no doubt that the Flying Fox is a beautiful structure, but to many, it represents a broken economical system and a form of capitalism in which very few people can thrive. Images of the mega yacht have circulated on social media in recent days, sparking more backlash among those who believe Bezos’ success was built on the backs of exploited workers.

Check out some of the responses below.

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