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The intimate texts sent from McKenazie Lorraine Robinson to Broncos player Kotoni Staggs in the weeks leading up to the other release of a sex tape of the pair can now be revealed.

Robinson, 18, today pleaded guilty to releasing the intimate video that was shared on the internet in August, placing the star player’s career under scrutiny before he was eventually cleared by the NRL Integrity Unit of any wrongdoing.

15 June 9.53am

M: Bit illegal to be that cute.

K: Aw thanks, your the cute one

M: Naw thank youuuu as I’m dying in bed lol

M: Video sent

15 June 11.12am

K: Big one last night

M: Haha no! Not even funnily enough … Saturday yeah but didn’t get much sleep and went to stay at a girlfriends last night and we stayed up til like 3 rip so I’m overtired

K: Not good plans for today

M: I just did the groceries and cleaned my apartment just chilling now. Wbu?

K: Sends photo

M: Sends photo

M: Where abouts in Brissy do you live?

M: Sends video

K: Cuddles would be good

M: Oh I would love some cuddles

K: Sends video

M: Come for cuddles

K: Where you live

M: Newstead

M: Or do u wanna come over tonight?

K: I can come over tonight up to you

M: Tonight would probably suit better (Smiley, love hearts emoji)

M: What time

K: I’m free all night what suits you

M: 7?

M: You can stay if you don’t have plans tmrw

K: I have training tomorrow

K: So 7

M: Yup 7 is perfect

M: Or 6

K: 6.30 (Sweat emoji)

M: Perfect

M: Too bad you have training tmrw

M: (Crazy emoji, shoosh emoji)

M: Do you wanna come for dinner and have me for dessert ? (Drool emoji, wink emoji)

K: I‘ve already got dinner out but I will still have you for dessert (Drool emoji)

M: Okay amazing hehe

M: My address is (redacted)

M: You might be able to get a park on the road otherwise the whole first underground parking is visitor

K: Okay see you tonight

M: You shall (Drool emoji)

M: Sends photo

15 June afternoon

M: Get keeennn loll (Drool emoji, wink emoji)

K: You don’t know what your getting yourself in to (Wink emoji)

M: Some things are better not knowing (Drool emoji, blowing kiss emoji)

K: Sure is, just had the best nap

M: Arent you lucky

K: Sends photo

M: What chu having for dinner

K: Chicken stroganoff wbu

M: I’m making risotto

K: Yum

M: Sooo good

M: My bestfriend will be here too btw we live together but she will probably be in her room she’s chill

K: That’s okay

M: Lucky I don’t have a bed frame atm (Giggle emoji)

K: Lucky haha

K: Sends photo

M: Can’t wait to eat chu

M: I don’t drive atm (Sunglasses emoji)

M: where do u live

K: All good

K: Stafford Heights

M: I could Uber

M: Oh that’s not even that far

M: All my sexy stuff is here (Drool emoji)

M: Probs easier for you to come here but up to you

K: Yeah I will come to you

M: Amazing

K: Sends photo

M: You will honey !!

M: Do you want my number so you can ring when ur here

K: I will just message you on here

M: Perf no worries

M: Just come whenever you are ready (Angle emoji)

K: Okay no worries

M: Sends photo

M: I’ll come down and get you when you get here

K: Okay after dinner

M: Sweet we are cooking now too

M: Let me know when you leave

K: I will

M: Sweet (Angel emoji)

M: Sends photo

K: Sends photo

M: Yummm

K: Looking forward to my dessert but (Smiley face emoji)

M: Ooooo me too (Drool emoji)

M: Ughhh I’m so keen

K: Just having a shower

M: Sweet

K: On my way

M: Sweet x

K: Here

M: Where are you parking ?

K: Out the front

M: okay go to the (redacted) building and ring the number (redacted) and I’ll let you in

M: It’s level 18

M: Did that work?

K: Yeah

M: (Apartment level)

K: Just got out

15 June 9.44pm

M: Message me when you’re home My p—— is throbbing

K: Home

M: Sweet

M: I’ll see you tmrwwwww

K: See what happens

M: But like that hey

M: Bit*

K: Just see what happens because I’m going to my mums for dinner

M: Aw that’ll be nice. Yeah I’m chill just lemme know or you can come here if you want. I’ll be around.

K: Okay sounds good night

M: Night

16 June morning

M: Have fun at training

M: Sends video

K: (Love heart eyes emoji)

M: Do you know what the go is tonight (Drool emoji)

M: I just had a play around with my ——- in my a— to ease it up a bit (Drool emoji)

K: I won’t know til after

M: Okay just msg me after dinner then

M: Let’s t—— f—-

K: I won’t be able to do tonight

M: That’s all goods

M: Just message me whenever u wanna f—-

M: I’m chill so if you ever wanna have some fun I’m down

K: Sounds good to me

K: (Drool emoji)

M: So horny for u rn

M: Sends video

M: Let me know if u wanna come over for a quick f—- before bed

K: Maybe tomorrow

K: Do tired

M: Kk sweet I’m home all day (room mate’s) at work so we could experiment on couch etc if you want too

K: I have work tomorrow

M: Damn

M: Just let me know tmrw night sorry if I’m being annoying I just want more haha

K: Nah all good

M: Hey what time do u finish work

K: 4

M: reacted to Kotani’s story with the love heart eyes emoji

M: Wanna come for some a—- (drool emoji)

K: So tired

M: I can do all the work

M: Can just lay there I’ll do reverse cowgirl

K: (Eyes covered emoji)

M: Come onnnn

M: Pull my hair back and can go in as deep as ur yummy —- can (Crazy emoji, drool emoji)

16 June

M: Several drool emojis

M: Video of them having sex

23 June 6.57pm

M: Sends video

M: Wanna come over for a f—-

K: Busy tonight

M: Kk msg whenever you want a booty call

24 June 9.24pm

M: Sends photo

M: Sends photo

M: What you doin

K: In bed

26 June 8.25pm

M: Sends video

M: Stop being boring and come f—-

M: If you don’t want to f—- me again then literally just say

K: I’m busy

27 June 4.03pm

M: Sends video

M: You can come over and have a three some with me and one of the girls later if you want

K: Sends photo

M: I mean why not

M: Did you want to put me on a spit or what

K: Show me your friends

M: Sends photo

M: I’m not with them yet

K: Lovebit I see

M: Huh?

K: Your neck

M: Ohhhh yeah I’m seeing a chick

M: she’s coming tonight actually

K: Is that her

M: We are getting bags so lemme know if you wanna come and I’ll get you one

M: No that’s Ruby you’ve met her I live with her

K: Tell her I want her

M: Aha what about me

K: My mate will go you

M: No thanks lol

K: Ask her if she will f—- me

M: She said big ass no

K: Why not

M: Why do you think

M: Yuck so off you now

K: Just asking

M: Don’t want a bar, neither of us do

27 June 7.06pm

M: Starts video chat

M: Starts video chat

K: Starts video chat

M: Took a photo of the video chat

4 July 11.01pm

M: Come suck my feet

M: Sends video

K: (Squirt emojis)

M: Starts video chat

M: Starts video chat

M: Come over and play

M: Starts video chat

M: With all of us

M: Starts video chat

M: Brooooo

M: Don’t be boring

M: We keen

M: Starts video chat

M: Text me (sends her phone number)

M: Sends video

M: Sends video

M: Sends video

M: Sends video

M: Sends video

M: You’re missing out

M: Video

M: Starts video chat

M: Starts video chat

M: Starts video chat

M: Starts video chat

M: Starts video chat

M: Starts video chat

M: Starts video chat

M: Sends three photos of herself holding a bright pink sex toy.

M: Know you’ve hit the jackpot when you get payed (sic) to promote vibrators.

5 July 12.29pm

M: Starts video chat

M: Starts video chat

M: Starts video chat

5 July 3.40pm

M: Sends video

5 July 5.34pm

M: Starts video chat

M: Sends video

K: Your a annoying now

M: No loss to me

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