J Prince Jr Says Leaders In The Black Community Must Tighten Up Their Security After Nipsey Hussle Murder

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J Prince Jr says leaders in the black community including entertainers, rappers and anyone else in a position of power must tighten up their security after the late Nipsey Hussle senseless murder in the streets.

The rapper cum hip hop mogul was speaking on what he says was a moment of reflection following the release of footage showing how Nipsey’s killer kept shooting him and running off thinking somebody was gonna come out and return fire.

He broke it down further noting the killer ran off 3 times before getting confident that nobody was coming to protect Nipsey and then he came back the 3rd time with confidence and finished off his job.

J Prince jr noted that people must tighten their security plans so that such clowns don’t keep taking innocent lives like that of Nipsey.

J Prince jr would know this well since one of theirs was just touched in the streets and almost lost his life. YBN Almighty Jay who has Rap A Lot background that J Prince jr reps just got attacked on the streets and almost lost his life.

It seems J Prince now knows the key is to not get comfortable. Get your act together and realise the world has changed and evil is more prevalent upon us than before.

Once you start winning or look like you are about to start winning, your life is already in danger and you must seek on ways on how to be smart in protecting your life.

Check out the video below as J Prince jr explains;

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