Cardi B has always been complaining of dealing with migraines and noting that painkillers don’t touch her when things start getting out of hand with her headaches!

It would appear that she is tired of sleeping it away and also that it was getting out of hand because she showed herself in the hospital and she was getting these weird injections that you won’t believe!

For her doctor to deal with the migraines that he has tried many other therapies for with the rapper without much success, he decided she should get a face injection!

The video shows a nurse injecting a screaming Cardi B right on her face and apparently this takes away the migraines instantly.

When we sought to know what kind of injection she was getting, her people only managed to let us know that it was a concoction of some drugs that are geared towards helping get pain relief and quicker.

We hope this helps her and she gets well soon. Let us know in the comments down below what you make of this kind of injection and have you ever received this kind or seen anyone you know get this kind of injection?

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