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Jeffree Star Introduces New Boyfriend Quickly Moving On From The Basketballer

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Jeffree Star shutdown the internet when he introduced his new boyfriend a few weeks ago covered in a whole load of hullabaloo!

The pro basketballer did not last long after all kinds of controversies ensued following his introduction!

First it was that Jeffree was paying him to pose as his boyfriend something he categorically denied, and they stuck to their guns while getting the internet bamboozled by their love!

Then there was the baby mama drama that followed after the basketballer was found to have walked out on a whole family to be with Jeffree.

But fast forward and just as he came, he was gone and Jeffree was back to his solo lifestyle!

But that too did not take long as he took to introducing another boyfriend in the same way! He dresses them up in pink gowns and they stand on his balcony watching the view and then the snap that launches them is taken!

Something a keen of a movie script!

So, who is the new boyfriend? Well because his face was hidden from the camera, the internet went in and he has apparently been found with the internet investigators releasing his face first!

Maybe we will get a name at some point and we will update you on it! But first take a look down below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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