December 1, 2021

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Jennifer Boeder Says She Is Cutting 10 Year Ties With An Anti-Vax Conspiracy Filled Buddy

Boeder’s pal stated to her Facebook followers that she believed the FDA and doctors were untrustworthy. To safeguard her friend’s identity, Boeder requested that her name be kept private.

Boeder, a journalist in Los Angeles, understood she and her old pal disagreed on immunizations.

Her companion, according to Boeder, was concerned with seeking alternative healing methods and avoided going to the doctor.

When Boeder complained about her chronic discomfort, her friend suggested substituting herbal remedies or practicing more meditation.

Boeder claimed she was able to deal with individual differences and had accepted the fact that she would have to share less about her health concerns with her companion, whom she had previously considered a sister.

However, the most recent Facebook post made her dizzy.

“You know what? I was like, “You know what?” I’m sorry, but I’m unable to keep up with you.

I’m unable to look at this. I can’t be friends with you ethically. This is hazardous misinformation, and you obviously aren’t living in the real world “Boeder shared her thoughts with Insider at the time.

‘She was more concerned with her mission than with her friendship.’

Relationships are frequently being ended because of conflicting vaccine opinions. According to a recent Insider poll of 1,053 people, one in every five Americans avoids seeing loved ones because of vaccination status disparities.

Despite the fact that Boeder has never had COVID-19, she spent two weeks caring for and worrying about her brother, who was sick with the virus at home. That encounter, according to Boeder, made her friend’s anti-vaccine post sting even more.

Boeder claimed she and a buddy spent time in the early 2000s around people who were anti-vaccine. Vaccine reluctance appeared more like a personal choice than a public health concern at the time, according to Boeder, so it didn’t feel as precarious.

However, Boeder claims that her friend’s growing vaccine and healthcare system anxieties drove them apart over time.

“It felt like she had an agenda that was more essential than a friendship whenever anything health-related came up,” she added.

Boeder has thought about confronting her buddy but hasn’t done so yet.

Boeder said she couldn’t explain why she was splitting up the friendship when her buddy made the fatal Facebook post since she’d recently been laid off from her job.

Despite the fact that her buddy received the COVID-19 vaccine, Boeder is concerned since the public social media posts are “sowing suspicion.”

“It’s really about promoting vaccination skepticism. She wasn’t necessarily implying that you don’t understand it” According to Boeder.

Boeder is now considering explaining herself in the hopes of persuading her friend to change her anti-vaccine stance.

“‘This completely disturbed me,’ I should say morally if I want to feel like I’m part of the solution. This has far-reaching implications.”

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