Mon. Jun 17th, 2019

Jennifer Lopez Says Diddy Privately Apologised To Alex Rodriguez Over His Thirsty Comments On The Lass

So Jennifer Lopez stopped by the breakfast club hosted by Dj Envy, Charlamagne Tha god and Angela Yee and discussed various topics on her interview.

The interview was okay, not as lit but okay! Among other things, she did not mind to dip into her relationship with her new fiancee Alex Rodriguez!

And one of the questions that came up from an overly exited Charlamagne is how she took things with Diddy when they presumably were dating!

The lass pointed out that they did not actually like date date but had something going on that ended quickly and that was that and the fact that they were young it is also made it difficult for their egos to mix the right way.

But when pressed whether she saw the thirsty comment Diddy left on one of her IG posts, she was like yes in the middle of a heavy laughter! Then Charlamagne added, “and Alex checked him immediately!” And she was like “yes”.

And then she added just so you guys know, Diddy wrote Alex immediately to let him know he was sorry and he had nothing but respect for the both of them and wished them well.

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