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Jessica Denies Taking OT Genasis Jewellery Says It’s All Cap

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The lady who OT Genasis claimed had stolen his jewellery as we reported earlier has come out to clear her name.

In her response on her Instagram page Jessica used an emoji to discredit the rapper’s claims!

OT Genasis had indicated that upon waking up and going through his expensive jewellery, he quickly realised some of his high priced pieces were missing!

Because he had spend time with the lady in question, he didn’t waste time but went on to seek to have his pieces returned!

But the problem was he realised he couldn’t reach her. He didn’t know where she stays, the number he had wasn’t going through and so according to sources close to the situation, he couldn’t only take to social media to expose her.

The girl in question Jessica says it’s all cap! To mean the rapper is lying and she didn’t take the pieces when she left!

So who is lying or discrediting the other?! Jewellery is missing! Who took it is the bone of contention!

We will keep you posted as the story continues to develop.

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