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Joseline Hernandez Tears Into Tamar Braxton Tells Her To ‘Die B*tch’ After Suicide Attempt

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Joseline Hernandez and Tamar Braxton always erupt in full blown internet blows every time they come across each other. The feud between the two reality television stars has been going on now for a couple of years, and it doesn’t show any signs of letting anytime soon.

Since as early as 2012, Joseline and Tamar have been taking to social media to blast one another’s careers and talents, and the former Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star didn’t let up just because Braxton was recently hospitalized.

Over the summer, Tamar Braxton underwent treatment to recover from an alleged suicide attempt.

The Neighborhood Talk reported on Tamar unfollowing her family members after the WeTV trailer for Braxton Family Values was shared, and Joseline commented that her nemesis is getting what she deserves.

“A bunch of fake hoes. Starting by the one tried killing herself,” wrote Joseline. “Tamar talked to much over the years on people. That hoe KARMA is here to het her and I saying DIE b*tch. Watch people’s play book. And you will see their future. Sad but True. I do t feel bad. She did it to herself. Next story.”

The remarks were condemned by the masses who thought that the reality star had taken things too far.

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