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Juelz Santana Is Officially Off House Arrest


Juelz Santana has shared a clip showing the moment his ankle monitor came off releasing him from house arrest.

The rapper got released from prison last year in a much-publicized day that saw him go straight into house arrest with conditions that have seen him remain within the surroundings around his house.

But today, was a good day in the household of Santana as the rapper declared his freedom.

This comes only days after Juelz turned 39 leading to his wife gifting him with a brand-new Maybach.

He took to his Instagram to share his joy about his wife Kimbella gifting him with the car.

“WOW… I Can’t Believe It, My Wife Got Me The MayBach Truck 4 My Bday. I Love u Soooooo F$$kin Much My Love, U R The Best @kimbellasworld,” he wrote in his caption.

Santana received a 27-month prison sentence in late 2018 for gun- and drug-related charges.

The now-39-year-old rapper fled Newark Liberty International Airport in March of that year after TSA agents discovered a loaded handgun and eight oxycodone pills inside his carry-on.

Santana turned himself in several days later.


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