January 24, 2022

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Jury Finds Jussie Smollett Guilty Of Plotting Hate Filled Attack On His Person To Boost Career

It’s been nearly three years since Jussie Smollett claimed two Trump-loving bigots beat him up, wrapped a noose around his neck, and drenched him in bleach in a misguided attempt to increase his public image.

After more than nine hours of deliberation, 12 jurors in Chicago criminal court convicted the disgraced actor guilty of five of six charges of felony disorderly conduct for submitting a fake police complaint.

A phalanx of family members sitting transfixed in the front row of the gallery watched the eight-day trial from Smollett, 39, stood hunched with his attorneys as the jury read out their judgement.

An hour after returning to the courthouse, the actor was spotted hugging his siblings, some of whom had not been called to stand for the jury.

Jurors decided Smollett not only acted in, but directed the entire made-for-TV drama when he ordered two guys to “fake beat him up,” provided them a script of homophobic and racial remarks to deliver, and picked a stage for the bogus beatdown that he believed was in clear view of security cameras.

Chicago criminal court’s Smollett trial came down to whether of Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo’s stories was more credible: Smollett’s, or Abimbola and Olabinjo’s?

For months, Smollett’s defence maintained that he was the victim of a true hate crime, and the brothers were “skilled liars and crooks.”

They subsequently offered to retract their tale and “share the truth” in return for $2 million.

What kind of fool would go into Obama’s city and think that Trump fans in MAGA hats were roaming around? In final statements, defence attorney Nenye Uche asked jurors, “Give me a break.”

Brothers were “wolves in sheep’s clothing in the hen house.”

In contrast, prosecutors claim that Smollett paid the Osundairos $3,500 to orchestrate the incident so that he could garner media attention.

Attorney Dan Webb told the jury that reporting a phoney incident to the police and then telling them it was actually a real crime was against the law.

It was inappropriate for him to degrade something as severe, wicked, and atrocious as a true hate crime with terms and symbols of such terrible historical importance in our society.

As the prosecution’s star witnesses, two brothers who had known the former “Empire” actor for nearly a year and ten months before the fake testified for hours.

When Abimbola, 28, and Smollett first met at a bar in the fall of 2017, they got so close that Abimbola referred to the actor as a “brother.”

Since he got an email from Smollett on January 25, 2019 asking for “help on the low” and mentioning a piece of hate mail that included the phrase “You’ll die black F—k,” he agreed to meet up with the actor to discuss it.

When he testified, Abimbola said that he had talked about how the studio was not taking the hate mail he had gotten before into consideration.

Then he said that he wanted me to “fake beat him up” because he was “concerned.”

“Empire,” “f—-t,” “n—r,” and “MAGA” were among the sentences that Smollett instructed Abimbola and his brothers to utter, according to Abimbola, who is now an amateur boxer.

He wanted Abimbola to hit him, but he wanted Abimbola to retract the blow so that he didn’t be wounded, and then Abimbola wanted Abimbola to fight with him and toss him to the ground and bruise him, Abimbola testified.

“I was meant to give him a chance to fight back, then toss him to the ground and my brother would tie the noose around his neck and pour bleach on him,” he explains.

Abimbola said that two days after the “dry run,” Smollett showed the brothers a place for the phoney assault in front of security cameras because he “wanted to exploit the camera footage for media.”

Although the brothers claimed that they considered the proposal strange, they decided to participate because Smollett was well-known and may benefit them in their future acting careers.

Abimbola told Ola that she owed Jussie a debt of gratitude and that he could assist her as an actor, and Ola agreed.

As soon as the Osundairos’ tale began to unravel, the defense’s strategy was to sabotage their credibility and create reasonable doubt through a series of witnesses.

Retired Smollett’s publicist Pamela Sharp and security guard Anthony Moore, who was patrolling near the scene of the phoney attack, told jurors that the actor despises media attention and that they were pressured to change their stories by the prosecution because they saw a white man running away from the area.

He suddenly testified Monday morning, following a three-day break from the trial, and bombshell testimony from both Osundairos, Smollett proclaimed, “Bold-faced lies.”

According to Smollett, there was no hoax.

“The things that happened to me, happened.”

According to him, he met Abimbola the night before they met by using cocaine together in a private room at Chicago’s Steamworks, a homosexual bathhouse in the district of Boystown.

As he testified, the two then went to the same bathhouse and Abimbola routinely bought cocaine and marijuana for him, as well as discussed being his security guard.

“Security was brought up frequently..” Smollett told jurors, “Yo, guy, you should let me be your security.”

While together, he would act like we were members of the secret service, making it a common joke.

The defence pointed out that Smollett’s security guards may bring in as much as $5,000 a month, while Abimbola was hired by the actor primarily for his fitness needs.

On the day of the music video shoot, he paid Abimbola $3,500 for his personal training services and a nutrition plan, he said, and when he texted him asking for “your help on the low,” it was regarding herbal steroids that are prohibited in the United States.

As Dan Webb quizzed him about contradictions in his tale, the former “Mighty Ducks” star became irate and belligerent and denied ever telling the brothers to fabricate a hate crime.

Because of the “vitriolic remarks” made, Smollett initially informed police that one of his assailants was white, but subsequently changed his story to say that the attacker was “pale-skinned” because it was the “responsible” thing to do.

According to prosecutors, Smollett’s trip back to Chicago from New York City was delayed for several hours on January 28, 2019, which meant that the hoax had to be postponed until 2 a.m. on January 29.

Smollett said that he had texted Abimbola four times in the days leading up to the ruse, but claimed it was because he and the trainer had planned to work out together that night.

Prosecutors, however, said the texts were evidence that they were working together.

Outrage over the alleged hate crime Smollett claimed to have been the victim of quickly turned to disgust when authorities indicated he made it all up.

In a remarkable reversal, Chicago prosecutors dismissed all charges against the actor after he agreed to forfeit a $10,000 bail and produced proof that he’d performed two days of community service.

Kim Foxx, the Cook County State’s Attorney, was highly condemned for the action and was found to have committed a series of unethical missteps in her management of the case in the wake of Smollett’s failure as a hate crime victim.

Judge Michael Toomin agreed with Sheila O’Brien, a former state appellate judge, and ruled Foxx’s case null and invalid in a blistering order that summer.

O’Brien had convinced Toomin that a special prosecutor was required to review the office’s handling of the case.

In February 2020, Webb was appointed as a special prosecutor by Toomin, who submitted fresh allegations against Smollett.

If convicted, the actor faces a sentence of up to three years in prison and will appear in court again on January 27th, 2019 to finalise his punishment.

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