October 19, 2021

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Kangaroo Pulled From Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin In Viral Video Euthanased

A government veterinarian euthanized a kangaroo that was rescued from Lake Burley Griffin last month.

After a video of the kangaroo’s rescue from the frigid waters was shared, it garnered worldwide attention.

On September 21, the persons responsible for the kangaroo’s rescue contacted the ACT Parks and Conservation Service, who responded promptly.

An ACT government spokeswoman, on the other hand, confirmed today that the animal had been found to be in poor health by a government veterinarian and had been euthanized shortly after that.

“The kangaroo was inspected by a government veterinarian, who discovered that it was in poor physical condition. The kangaroo was euthanized due to grave concerns for its well-being “they asserted.

“The risk of kangaroo capture myopathy, or muscle damage as a result of overexertion or stress, is always a major factor to consider.

Numerous aspects, including as this kangaroo’s bad symptoms, its discovery position and chilly, windy weather all added to welfare issues for this animal.

As one of the guys shown on camera aiding the kangaroo in its escape, Nic Crowther expressed his sadness at the animal’s death, but acknowledged that it was “the best conclusion for the animal.”

Pulling a large animal from the water and finding it non-aggressive suggests the animal wasn’t in the best condition, according to him.

When asked about the men’s motivation, Mr. Crowther stated they were trying to help the critter, which was “just sitting in there shivering.”

“I believe that helping others is in our nature as human beings,” he asserted.

“Even though we asked [the rangers] for help and they said, “We can come look but we’re 40 minutes away,” and it was – 7 outside, and there is this wet kangaroo in the water, it’s difficult to walk away.

It didn’t work out as planned, but we didn’t give up without a fight.

A kangaroo capital, Canberra has seen its share of lake rescues, including one from this year’s storm.

When water cops first tried to liberate a kangaroo from a lake in 2019, he resisted, hopping right back in after being fished out on a jetski.

When presented with an injured animal, a spokesman for the ACT government advised contacting Access Canberra or ACT Wildlife.

The community was asked not to attempt a rescue themselves out of concern for the animal as well as the general public.

When dealing with animals, it’s important to remember to offer enough of room for them to escape.

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  • Kangaroo: Penelope Twemlow
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