December 7, 2021

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Kanye West Deal With Def Jam Is Over After 10 Albums

Many of Kanye West’s stunning soundbites have made news since his two-and-a-half-hour Drink Champs interview last night.

Many of Ye’s statements were honest, whether they were about his current spat with Big Sean or his criticism of Soulja Boy.

On Drink Champs, he revealed that his deal with Def Jam had ended and that he was no longer under their contract.

Last summer, he revealed in a series of tweets that he had signed deals with major record labels like Universal Music Group.

In 2004, Kanye secured a distribution deal with Def Jam, which is owned by UMG. Ye completed his 10-album deal with Def Jam and UMG with the release of Donda in late August and is no longer bound by it.

Aside from the several contracts he signed early in his career, it was also stated in the interview that extensive reading was not one of his strong points, which led to him signing so many contracts.

He chastised individuals who were close to him for not being more concerned about his well-being:

“What did you find to be the most bizarre? Making it clear to everyone around me that I had 10 contracts and that they were aware of this fact. Everyone who was supposed to care about me was aware that I had a total of ten contracts. I’m done with it. After signing contract after contract and not being able to read, I’m claiming that’s not a problem. One of my strengths isn’t included in the tally. They tell me to learn, but I’m not going to tell these n****s to learn how to style their clothes.”

Def Jam has handled all of West’s music releases throughout his career, so he didn’t discuss his future plans for GOOD Music or his music distribution.

“His time at Def Jam was one of the most successful in hip-hop history. “ It’s not yet clear how he’ll fare under a new name.

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