December 7, 2021

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Kanye West Now Says He Does Not Want To Get Divorced From Kim Kardashian And Has Not Seen Any Divorce Papers

A couple bombshells have been thrown by Kanye West about his divorce from Kim Kardashian, and he’s done so in typical way.

The 44-year-old rapper, who recently changed his name to Ye, spoke on the Drink Champs podcast and made a series of conflicting statements regarding his ex-wife.

There have been several headlines over the past few months about Kardashian and West’s billion-dollar divorce and asset distribution, which was finalised in February.

While admitting he would like to rekindle his relationship with his wife of seven years, West stated that he had never even seen divorce paperwork.

West threw a few curveballs in the conversation, as follows:

It’s been a month since Kim Kardashian appeared on Saturday Night Live! in an emotional monologue about her ex-husband, Kanye West.

It was all about his personality, she continued, noting that he was a genius and the wealthiest black man in the United States.

It seemed as if the SNL producers were forcing Kardashian to mock West while simultaneously revealing that they were not yet divorced.

That’s what he meant when he said that SNL made his wife say “I divorced him” on television because they just wanted to get the bar off. As for the papers, “I’ve never even seen them.” To me, divorce is not a laughing matter.

In an interview with the New York Times, Kanye West said he wants to reunite with his wife, who has recently been sighted on dates with SNL star, Pete Davidson.

“My children want their parents to stay together. “ He said, “I want us to be together.”

“That’s not what the media is advertising, however.” That’s not what they’d like to hear. A new wedding, a new episode, a new TV show are all on their minds.

Also, West alleged that Kardashian had a team of people who were encouraging her to divorce her husband.

As for his wife, “you know, this publicist that’s next to her — I don’t f**k around with her,” he stated.

“There you go, E! This is Hulu for my family. “

According to West, he is referring to the E! network and Hulu, who are both producing new Kardashian series.

“Extravagant” items that West provided her made her crave “smaller experiences,” Kardashian said in the finale of KUWTK, which aired in June.

“I’m looking for someone who… “ Each of us enjoys watching the same shows. Kim told her mother, Kris Jenner, “I want someone who wants to work out with me.”

“While in quarantine, I was jealous of Khloe and Tristan (Thompson) because they would work out every day at 6 a.m., and I was third wheeling it for a solid eight months.”

My problem is that I’m missing out on the tiniest things. I’ve got everything.

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve got it all. Although it’s impossible for anyone else to replicate this kind of experience for me, I’m ready to move on to smaller, more meaningful moments.

“As I wake up at the age of 40, I’m realising that I desire nothing more than complete bliss. If I can have a large portion of my time spent in joy, that’s all I’m looking for.”

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