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Billionaire mogul Kanye West and his equally loaded wife Kim Kardashian are knee deep trying to make work their marriage after they both took to their social media platforms to post dinner flex.

For months now, rumors have run rampant about the status of his marriage to wife Kim Kardashian.

Tabloids and blogs have quoted “sources” who have claimed that the celebrity husband and wife are on the verge of divorce, but with each report comes a video or photo of the West crew enjoying family time together.

But Kanye West posted a picture that didn’t necessarily address the gossip about his marriage, but many believe he was giving a nod to his wife.

“Dinner for 2,” Kanye caption the picture that showed what looks like a makeshift luxury outdoor restaurant.

Kim Kardashian would take to her Instagram stories at around the same time to post her shoes and christened them “date shoes.”

It would be nice to see them work things out and hope this step was in the right direction although none of them have followed their posts with any updates of how the night went maybe because it had a sweet culmination if you know what I mean!

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