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Kanye West Takes Over The Internet With New Song ‘Na Na Na’

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Kanye West has divided his fanbase with his spoiler Presidential run. Most recently, this included him sharing manipulated polling numbers from the state of Kentucky which showed him leading Donald Trump and Joe Biden in early returns.

He celebrated the moment, although it was illegitimate, by releasing some “theme music” on social media, posting a 2-minute preview of a song called “Nah Nah Nah” on Instagram and Twitter with footage of Joaquin Buckley brutally knocking out Impa Kasanganay in the UFC.

“THE WHOLE TEAM IS SO ENERGIZED THAT I HAD TO RELEASE THEME MUSIC NAH NAH NAH,” wrote Kanye, sharing his new trap-tinged banger.

The song has people back on Ye’s side, praying for more new music and asking him to release his other previously teased tracks “Believe What I Say” and “Donda”.

The song features a sample from Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of The Sith, also including some classic braggadocio from the legendary Chicago artist, who says:

“Next time you text can it wait? You are talkin’ to a presidential candidate”.

People seem to be excited about the song and, while some are still trying to talk West out of promoting his spoiler campaign to siphon votes away from other candidates, a good chunk of people are praising the new record and asking for a more widespread release.

What this means for the release of Donda: With Child is unclear.

The album was announced for a release several months ago but, as you all know, it never came out. Has it been scrapped or is this Kanye’s way of telling us to remain patient?

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