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Karl Stefanovic And Jasmine Yarbrough Confirm The Birth Of Their Baby Girl

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Karl Stefanovic and Jasmine Yarbrough have welcomed their first child together.

Jasmine gave birth to a ‘beautiful baby girl’ Harper May on Friday at the North Shore Private Hospital.

The happy news was announced on the Today show on Saturday morning by Karl’s colleague and close friend, Richard Wilkins.

Richard confirmed that Harper weighs 2.9 kg and was born on Friday, just after midday. Speaking to Today, Karl said: ‘Harper and Jasmine are doing well and dad had a great night’s sleep.

He added: ‘I am in awe. Harper is absolutely perfect.’

The couple were spotted driving at speed to Sydney’s North Shore Private Hospital on Friday morning in exclusive photos obtained by MM.

The breakfast TV anchor ‘raced’ in his $140,000 Toyota Land Cruiser Sahara after finishing his daily broadcast of the Today show.

Karl, 45, had a serious expression on his face, while shoe designer Jasmine, 36, sat in the front passenger seat looking uncomfortable.

When they arrived at the hospital, Karl appeared nervous as he walked through the parking lot. He also reminded paparazzi outside the entrance to keep away due to social distancing restrictions.

He had a bag of essentials, which he packed on the ground next to his car.

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