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Kehlani Shocked After A Fan Shared Her Personal Address And So She Will No Longer Get Close To People

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In our social media-driven world, the distance between an artist and their fans has because razor thin.

Everyone is accessible with the click of a button, and often, artists take more time to connect with their admirers with retweets, personal messages, and Q&As.

One person who actively participates in showing her fans love is Kehlani, but that has come to a screeching halt now that she has said that a superfan account doxxed her address.

“Lol wow i have to fast track my move cuz a stan account has found and shared my address. don’t know how. super not cool,” Kehlani tweeted. “Taking a major space from my supporters. don’t ask why i will no longer be so responsive or will be MIA from interaction. i love y’all but it’s a wrap.”

Those who have grown accustomed to hearing and connecting with the singer online are unsurprisingly upset at the news.

However, it looks as though while her fans are sad that they will no longer have the same access to Kehlani, they understand her need to not only protect herself, but her child and her family.

Kehlani has continued to use her social media accounts, so her fans will still be able to get updates about the singer.

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