January 24, 2022

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Kelly Dodd Apologizes For Transphobic Comments In Cameo Video

HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 16: TV personality Kelly Dodd attends the premiere party for Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County" 10 Year Celebration at Boulevard3 on June 16, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Kelly Dodd may no longer be a “Housewife,” but she’s still a force to be reckoned with.

The former “RHOC” star, 45, was paid $100 to give Jennifer a shout-out on Cameo for her birthday, but instead gave her a transphobic earful.

Dodd started, “This is Jennifer “she/her, I don’t get it. Either you’re a guy or a girl, OK?”

She went on to say, “You’re born a girl or a guy. I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Jennifer is your name. I’m sorry, but I don’t care.”

Rick Leventhal, Dodd’s husband, attempted to distract her attention away from her diatribe, which drifted (further) off course.

Dodd noted that she was in a “billion-dollar mansion” that wasn’t serving food, which she found disrespectful, and congratulated Jennifer on her daughter’s decision to go medical school, despite the fact that her own teenage daughter, Jolie, was “lazy” and couldn’t even open a door.

Before the video finished, she laughed and said, “I’m off the programme, so thank you for giving this to me.”

Following the criticism to her statements, Dodd issued an apology on Thursday afternoon.

She said on Instagram, “I’ve been doing Cameos for two years and I’ve never seen the pronoun problem before.”

“This was the first time I saw a he/him/she/they/them mention. I grew up in Arizona among individuals who were born a male and a girl, with the occasional hermaphrodite thrown in for good measure.”

“I noticed the pronouns as I was reading the Cameo, and we’d been drinking, and I was just reacting in my own raw and unfiltered way,” Dodd added.

This is something I want to be absolutely clear about. That I accept everyone for who they are without reservation.

I accept everyone for who they want to be and who they think they are, and I don’t hold grudges against anyone. I’m not anti-trans.

“It was only that I didn’t know the language.”

“If you want me to be tolerant, you must also be tolerant of me, she said later. That’s only right. And I’m learning and developing, and perhaps you can assist me.”

It’s yet another blunder on Dodd’s long record of gaffes: She was compelled to apologise lately after alleging that her “RHOC” foe Heather Dubrow’s son, Nicky, gave her COVID-19 during a Christmas party.

She also got into a verbal spat with Golnesa Gharachedaghi of “Shahs of Sunset,” who branded Dodd a racist for the way she spoke to her on the internet.

In a roundabout manner, Dodd has blamed “woke” culture for her firing from “RHOC,” saying in text conversations to Braunwyn Windham-Burke, “We’d still be on the show if you didn’t make things so dark and horrible and [bring] all that political ‘woke’ BS.”

Dodd’s job on “RHOC” isn’t the only one he’s lost recently.

She was dismissed from Positive Beverage in February for her controversial views on the COVID-19 pandemic, which she described as “God’s method of culling the herd” in April 2020.

She apologised for her words, but then stepped in it again months later during her bachelorette party, wearing a “Drunk Wives Matter” cap in the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter riots.

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