Tue. Jul 23rd, 2019

Kim Kardashian Explains Their Famous Sink And Shows Off Their 130 Inch Flat Screen Special TV

Kim Kardashian has taken the time to explain her special sink!

The star says her sink has been a trending topic online for sometime now with people giving all kinds of conclusions that she wanted to give clarity on!

She explained how it came together in the hands of her genius hubby Kanye West before giving a quick demo of it’s inner workings.

The star then decided since she was showcasing her tech savvy hubby’s talents, she wanted to show us more!

She showed off her 130 inch tv that comes from the ground at the whip of a remote control plus it is designed with a top of the same design as her floor and when it’s retired you can’t even tell if there is one!

Kim Kardashian earlier on revealed that she aced her law program test as she prepares to soon become a fully fledged lawyer!

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