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King Von’s Sister Wants Man Who Killed The Rapper Lul Timm To Be Freed So He Can Get Popped


King Von’s sister has been making a buzz online after her brother’s untimely death and it would appear, she is planning to stick around!

She took the internet by a storm after 21 Savage bought her a brand new 2021 Range Rover following the passing of her brother!

In his explanation, 21 Savage revealed that Kayla was close to his brother and he promised to have her back since Von’s passing!

Now while the controversy on that front has died down, she appears to not know people are on her and watching her every move as she was caught on IG live making some controversial statements that could land her into trouble!

Kayla took to her IG live and called for the release of Lul Tim the man that pulled the trigger ending the life of her brother and his shining star on that fateful night!

Von had spotted Quando Rondo at a parking lot of a club in ATL and as they were in the middle of this long running beef, he thought the rapper was provoking him!

He approached him and started a fist fight! In the middle of him giving Quando a good beatdown, Lul Tim who was with Quando approached them and shot the rapper on point blank a couple of times!

King Von died in hospital while undergoing a surgery targeted at saving his slipping life!

Since then, the police were able to ID Lul Tim and arrested him while he was in hospital also getting treatment for gun wounds!

Quando Rondo has used every passing moment to demand for his release arguing that what he did was self-defense as King Von attacked them!

It is actually an argument according to sources they are going to use in court in their case!

Check out King Von’s sister video below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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