Kodak Black Now Says T.I. Wants To Fvck Lauren London First That Is Why He Is Trying To Silence Him

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Kodak Black still disrespecting Nipsey Hussle out here mehn and it’s getting messy!

The rapper indicated that he knows that T.I. was only trying to talk him down and out of having interest on Lauren London because he wants to dip her first!

I mean the disrespect on this man’s mouth! Who made this man! He behaves like a complete fool. How do you talk on another man’s woman like that when they dead and they ain’t even buried yet?

Kodak Black is a clear example men can exist without a brain for real. Lauren London was a fiancee to Nipsey! Let that sink in for a second. She was not a girlfriend or some side-chick! She gave birth for this man!

Now this man has been senselessly gunned down 10 days ago! And you out here talking about fvcking his woman! What type of madness and craziness is that?!

I mean the nerves on Kodak Black are beyond young. They damn straight stupid at this point! Kodak you got a mother. Somebody gave birth to you. How you feel if they started disrespecting your mother like that?!

You need to get Nipsey and his family out of your mouth and let the man rest in peace mehn! And stop quoting his music! We don’t recognise you as part of the movement. You can make your own movement over there! We not interested. My God!

Anyway the rapper was reacting to the fact that his painting got removed from the Trap Music Museum and offering his 2 cents on why he thinks T.I. ordered that move.

But regardless Kodak, stay away from Nipsey and his family. And there is not or what that you like asking! It is that simple; Keep Off!

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