Kodak Black Records Himself Disrespecting The Late Nipsey Hussle And His Woman Lauren LondonSHOCKING DISTURBING 

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Rapper Kodak Black went on his IG live and decided it was the opportune time to disrespect the late Nipsey Hussle and his family.

The rapper recorded himself on Camera disprecting another man who he is supposed to be showing love to especially in this time but even before Nipsey is even cold, even before he is put on the ground, Kodak Black already out here talking about Nipsey’s woman.

The rapper recorded himself telling his crew about how he was going to give Lauren London who was Nipsey’s fiancee and who is grieving right now and only God knows her pain that he (Kodak) was going to give a year before she starts whoring out here!

He was joking about how he is going to shoot his shot in a year to a woman who will be already willing as she a widow out here!

What kind of cheapness is this? I feel like Kodak is that typa a dude who makes strides in life, people start recognising him but keeps putting dents on his progress with his mouth!

Everytime with damn near perfection Kodak makes progress like now he just released new album; it ain’t been that long but then makes a stupid move and people start questioning his credibility!

Like now how do you disrespect a dead man like that? How do you disrespect his family like that? I mean they are still grieving Kodak but you just gonna show up and pretend like you don’t see that a man is dead and it means something?

You acting like life is a piece of loaf!

Anyway so Kodak went on to defend himself explaining what he meant with his comments! But then he got stuck in the process and even himself realised he couldn’t explain himself out of this one.

Watch the clips below and let us know what you think on the comments down below because this juice about to drip.

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