Lamar Odom accused his ex-fiancée Sabrina Parr of holding him hostage by refusing to give him back his passport and his social media accounts passwords.

The two broke up and ended their engagement a couple of weeks ago but since then Lamar says Sabrina has refused to give him back what belongs to him.

However according to Sabrina, speaking on the social media passwords, she says she returned them to him a long time ago as she explained what happened.

Sabrina came into the mix in this situation while trying to get Lamar’s Instagram account back that had been hacked the second time after he lost the first one.

Sabrina posted screenshots of receipts showing how she had contacted a lady by the name Chelsea who organized for them to get access to the account once more and reset their passwords and regain control.

This whole process was done by Sabrina who then proceeded to according to Lamar to put her own details and her phone number on his IG account.

But according to the screenshot posted by Sabrina, it showed Lamar’s details including his phone number as what was there on the page currently.

Lamar however posted his own screenshot today that showed it was Sabrina’s details; her business email and her phone number that were on the page currently before revealing that whatever screenshots Sabrina was posting were from last year.

So, our big question was who was telling the truth and after deliberations, we agreed that Sabrina was lying and doing Lamar dirty.

Lamar in his postings did not at first show what details were currently on the page except accuse Sabrina of taking his accounts from him.

Sabrina in her defense exposed herself by posting the “last year’s details” on Lamar’s account after which she personally told the world her number ended with 700!

So, when Lamar posted the screenshot of the details currently on his page, they showed that the number on there indeed ended with 00!

Basically, confirming that Sabrina was doing him dirty while holding on to old receipts so that she can fool the world as well.

She didn’t say anything about the passport but our close sources indicate that she is willing to send it over via any means Lamar chooses.

Check out their posts below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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