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Lebron James has taken to social media to show off his latest acquisition which is a property! While the house looks amazing with all trappings of wealth and all, the star revealed that his daughter got the same house as well!

Inside what will make a doll house a pricy venture, the Lakers player showed off how his daughter got exact replica of his house and he gifted it to her completely furnished!

It wasn’t without a light moment, the reveal that is after Lebron went to visit Zhuri his daughter in her new house, sat on her couch and then she proceeded to clean after him after it became clear he had made the house dirty!

Lebron James can be felt the entire video so exited! I believe it is from living the bubble with all these gifts and now they wonder how to share the spoils!

Check out th e video below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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