January 24, 2022

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LeBron James Says ‘Something REAL Fishy’ Is Going On Amid Covid-19 Diagnosis

Despite the fact that LeBron James is a participant in the NBA’s health and safety regulations, he believes something is amiss.

ESPN said that although it has not been proven that James tested positive for COVID-19, the Lakers star is anticipated to miss a number of games due to the infection.

In a tweet sent out on Wednesday, James employed almost every fish emoji known to man to illustrate his argument. James has so far failed to elucidate on just what he believes is fishy about the situation in question.

Despite playing without James on Tuesday night, the Lakers recovered to defeat the Sacramento Kings, 117-92.

“He claimed he was OK,” Anthony Davis said after the game, providing another further indication that James did, in fact, test positive.

“I believe he is asymptomatic, which is a positive indication, but we want to make certain that he returns to normal.”

“The most essential thing is to stay healthy. This is a far more significant event than basketball. He has a wife and children. We want to make certain that he is in excellent health at all times.”

James said before the season that he had received the vaccine, but he did not openly encourage others to do the same, according to the media. Currently, 97 percent of the NBA’s players have received their whole vaccination schedule.

The Los Angeles Lakers, who were considered one of the preseason favourites to win the NBA championship, have struggled to get off to a good start this season.

They have a record of 12-11 and are clinging to the eighth spot in the Western Conference standings.

Following up on an earlier story from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the NBA said that it has undertaken a recent research that found “additional evidence of the necessity for booster doses of COVID-19 immunizations for league staff.”

There had been 34 “breakthrough instances” among fully vaccinated players or team employees, according to this study, which was released before the news broke that James was included in the procedures and Bulls guard Coby White, who was also completely vaccinated, had tested positive for the virus.

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