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Lil Baby Deactivates His Instagram After His Alleged Sex Tape With Miss London Leaks


Lil Baby deactivated his Instagram account after his alleged Sex tape with a porn actress Miss London leaked online.

But did it leak really? The alleged video of Lil Baby with Miss London appeared on her Pornhub verified account before the internet picked it up and ran with it.

Lil Baby was quick to defend himself noting that the man in the video was not him and that internet fell for anything.

According to sources, Miss London may have acted a scene where she had a Lil Baby look alike pose in the video before releasing it to rash some clout.

But internet was quick to decide it was Lil Baby before he quickly deactivated his IG and tweeted,

he was out taking a break from social media.

Check out his last tweet below and let us know if Miss London hoodwinked you too into believing she was getting down with Lil Baby.

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